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Along with hair, boats have been my second passion. I have dreamt of one day being able to offer amazing different styles of pleasure boats at affordable prices for lovers of the boating world.

When Channel 9 interviewed me after slashing the Bass Strait record and asked me ‘Why do I do what I do – race Power Boats? and why cross the Bass Strait the most dangerous waters in the world especially that day with fifty foot waves?’ My answer was ‘When God gives you a talent you must not waste it.’

For 40 years, I have raced and designed Off-shore Power Boats and have met and worked with some very talented people in the boating industry, which has brought me to where we are today with the launch of the amazing Stefan Boating World on the Gold Coast.

Stefan Boating World will continue to offer boats that are safe and easy to use all with a point of difference. The boats we offer are game changers in the industry.

Stefan Boating World is now open for business and doing for the boating industry what Hyundai did for the car industry.

We are very serious to help you get “the boat of your dreams at a dream price.” Browse through this website to see the amazing boats we offer. Give us a call or visit us at 27 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Gold Coast for a test drive!