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Fish and Boat Magazine Masterclass with Peter Kaye

Project Description

Fish and Boat Magazine proudly present a brand new and exclusive Fishing Masterclasses with Peter Kaye on Saturday 18th March.

TIME: Saturday 12.45pm

DURATION: 30 minutes


LOCATION: A7 – Main Stage

BIOGRAPHY: Based in SEQ, Peter Kaye has spent most of his life travelling the east coast of QLD in search of monster fish. Peter enjoys chasing everything from Moreton Bay snapper to pelagic species in the north. Peter really doesn’t care what he’s catching as long as the drag is screaming and the rod is doubled over. When not on the water, Peter is the “Tackle Rat” for Fish & Boat Magazine and has a wealth of knowledge on all things “gear”. Peter is predominantly a lure fisherman so if you are looking for more information on plastic, hardbodies and jigs – he is your man.